Before recycling, physical waste had no value.

Before MarginX, energy waste didn’t either.

The Energy Revolution

Energy Saving Tools

Real-time consumer feedback on consumption gives users the power to make a change.

Equal Access By Design

The MarginX system gives a net positive social benefit and does not require high levels of capital investment.

Sustainable Business Model

MarginX reduces reliance on fossil fuels without substituting for other resources.

Energy Savings Marketplace

Creating a marketplace for energy savings introduces a new energy economics paradigm with huge potential.

Utilities are deploying smart meters worldwide to enable time-of-use billing, prepayment and grid management. Margin goes a step further and provides demand side solutions for smart-grid management. Apart from the user facing usage and saving advisory app, MarginX uses distributed ledger technology to tokenise energy consumption rights allowing users to sell those rights to others if they chose to save.

MarginX is more than just a smart meter, it is a demand side solution for energy scarcity. It offers
  • Demand Management
  • Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring and Feedback for Users
  • Behavioral Incentives for Consumption Reduction
  • Pre-Paid Billing
  • Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Time of Use Billing
  •  Outage/Restoration Notifications


For more information or real-time support feel free to contact us.

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