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We’re MarginX.

The world’s first community-based decentralized exchange infrastructure.

We provide the platform.
You decide the protocols.

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Why MarginX?

The world’s first community-based decentralized exchange infrastructure.

Super Low Transaction Fees

Our multi-chain, cross-chain and para-chain infrastructure allows us to handle a throughput of 2,000–20,000 transactions per block, while reducing congestion in the blockchain — this means super duper low transaction fees.

You Control Your Assets

Funds are traded through non-custodial wallets, and all transactions take place on-chain so they are secure, verifiable and transparent.

Full Visibility and Access

All transactions run on-chain and are recorded on the blockchain. Anybody can track and scrutinize these records, forming a fair system of checks and balances.

We Connect TradFi and DeFi

We lay the foundation for where other DeFi products can be built upon, including stock-based derivatives or traditional financial assets. We offer tools that bridge the old and new traders of the financial world.

By the Community, for the Community

At MarginX, every stakeholder, whether a developer, community manager, or a trader, has a say through our governance framework. Our utility NFT system also determines each user’s voting rights, trading rebates and referral fees, and builds a sense of community.

Why Function X?

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Cross-chain Support

Inheriting the IBC cross-chain relayer from the Cosmos SDK, f(x)Core can connect to many other blockchains while allowing them to remain independent. This makes the system highly scalable and interoperable.

Multi-chain Structure

Highly customizable and expandable subnet architecture that reduces traffic congestion and transaction fees, since the number of transactions per second is infinite.

Proof of Stake (PoS) Mechanism

Compared to Proof of Work, PoS is much more environment-friendly and energy-efficient. Validators stake the FX token to validate the network, and this mechanism is also more secure and scalable.


An EVM compatible chain that allows smart contracts and dApps to be deployed on the Function X network. This means more opportunities with high transaction speeds and low transaction costs, opening up a whole world of DeFi, dApps, NFTs and more.

Want to dig deeeeep into the details of what goes behind MarginX?

What type of structure are we built upon? What kind of transactions can be tracked?
How do we envision MarginX to look like in the future?
We lay it all out for you so you don’t have to do the work​.

Join the MarginX community.

We’re all about community and ownership. Be a part of our alliance, and have a say in our future.