Consumer Centric

Our meters are fully integrated with an advisory app allowing users to see in real time where there are spending energy, how to save and what those savings can gain them

Why MarginX?

Machine- Learning

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Algorithms give users real time, appliance specific consumption breakdown delivered direct to their mobile device.

Big Data Collection

Real-time data collection and relay allow utilities unprecedented insight into energy consumption behaviors.

Energy Saving

20-50% reduction in energy consumption with no loss of comfort for the user.


Modern tamper-proofing and distribution control provide the security necessary to protect national level energy distribution.


Our meters can be installed for a fraction of the production cost thanks to our ground-breaking electricity micro cap-and-trade technology.

Behavioral Economics Incentives

Social, economic and behavioral incentives are used to ensure the maximum possible energy efficiency in the home.

"Why are we expecting the user to shoulder the cost of IOT, when we have all the information we need right at the meter?"
Andrew Hoban
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